Why no one is responsible for anything we feel

It’s within us!

Why are we constantly searching outside for the enemy when in the end it IS all about US and how WE perceive the world?!? NO ONE else is responsible for ANYTHING that WE perceive.

We are being tested, numbed down so we comply with what “the world” feels, but this has nothing to do with(in) us and instead we allow the world to distract us with constant fear-based messages in the world.

If everything starts within us, we have got it all wrong.

Let’s use this time to truly focus on ourselves, feel good, feel beautiful, feel loved (by ourselves), feel cherished (loving ourselves) and then we can turn our attention to the world, but instead of letting it put us in fear, let’s keep that good vibration and spread it into the world.

We are here to change it, every single one of us is responsible for our own life.
How we react, how we listen, what we listen to, what we read, what we watch, what we speak.

We can achieve greatness if we allow ourselves to be in a constant state of (inner) love.

Just be, just thrive, just live, just love, just flow.

Life will give us what we feel within.

I love you all as I love myself.

La Ara

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