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The Divine Feminine – Let’s be inspired

Let me help you understand yourself a little better...
                                       ...and with that your Twin Flame Journey

                                                           Breathe, focus and find your way back to yourself.

            Become your best friend and do the things you truly enjoy in your life!

The more you love yourself, the more beauty you will attract. 
So much has been written about the Divine Feminine. 

We are living in a society where everything is turned upside down and it is time
to remember the power of Women and Men, as God made them.

It is time to express ourselves with our unique energy!

It is not a weakness to be Feminine. 
It is not a weakness to be Masculine.

In the contrary, both combined together are a powerful force to be reckoned with.
That is why it is SO important to go back to our roots, 
Focus on the energy within ourselves.

We always have both energies within us, 
but some are more connected to the feminine energy,
 some are more masculine.

When I speak of the Divine Feminine, I do not exclude men that feel more drawn
to their feminine side, in the contrary.

If you are a man who feels drawn to this page, it is because you are very 
interested in perceiving or exuding the Divine Feminine Energy.

You are most welcome here, as is anyone who has found to my page.

Humanity’s Destiny

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