If you had the chance… would you?!?

If you had the chance to leave everything behind – and go on an adventure of a lifetime – would you?

Would you live your dream or just dream your life?

That is a question I had to ask myself a few times in my life.

So here is a little something about me:

Being a dual citizen, I always dreamed of going to New York.

I saw my first Broadway Show at the age of 7. The magic of the stories, diving into other people’s lives, the music, the lights… it changed my whole world – so much that it was my dream to be on Broadway myself.

Back in my home country, in Germany, I studied musical theater and when I got my diploma in 2013, an opportunity opened up.

My father said: Now is your chance! I will support you if you want to go to New York.

What a chance!

What a choice to make!

To dive into something completely new, move into a city with complete strangers – or stay where I was at, in my small village in Germany.

To leave everything behind I called my home, a safe environment, where everyone knew me – or to move into a huge city where I was anonymous and walk a path of my own.

A part of me was about to bail out of the opportunity, but my rebel soul and heart shouted at me:

If you don’t do it now, you will never leave here! You never wanted to be here in the first place! Go and do what you always wanted!

So I chose – a life of adventure.

I took my chances and left my home country after 28 years of living in Europe.

It was exciting and scary at the same time, but I had nothing to lose!

Due to being in the right place at the right time, I made friends and even got a place to live in (a room in the community/pastor’s house by all means), I found lots of friends, my best friend from Chicago moved to New York (we were talking about living in New York City since we were 16) and in 2015 I met my life-partner.

The most wonderful man and most exciting being I could imagine to be with.

In 2017, 3.5 years after my move to New York City, I moved in with him.

We shared the dream of traveling, of making music together and at the end of that year we made had a mother big decision to make.

Stay or live our dream and travel.

We chose to live our dream, something deep inside us was clear:

We got a trailer, sold or gave away what we couldn’t bring along, and traveled across the country.

Our actual trailer, standing at Lake Isabella in California.

We explored places like Sedona and Mount Shasta – Roswell – Yosemite – the Grand Canyon and so many more.

But even though we had dreamed about it, it took the courage and readiness to leave everything we had behind, including his job.

His true dream was to create his own songs, to perform and sing them together with me and this is something we are still doing today.

My partners Songs speak of awakening, rebellious acts of growth and transformation and I am grateful to be with him on this journey of Music and Adventure.

All I know is that whenever I said yes to big decisions like these, I was guided and cared for.

At the Devil’s Bridge in Sedona, Arizona.

Life is always full of choices.

With all this said and my story told, it is your turn now to answer for yourselves:

If you had the chance to leave everything behind – and go on an adventure of a lifetime – would you?

La Ara


Wake Up to the incredible Being that you are!

Life is too magical and too beautiful to play a minor role in it.

Wake up to the incredible Being that you are!!!

Within your own life, you are meant to be the main person!!!

We are not here to make others happy, we are here to BE happy ourselves.

No one else can make us happy… THAT alone is an inside job…

If we haven’t reached that point, what good will we be for others at all?

With our decision of coming to earth, we wanted to live a joyous life.

We did not come because others asked us to, it was OUR decision to BE, to BREATHE, to EXIST.

There are no karmic burdens.

We all are God/dess within…

Live life in the fullest and stop trying to teach others how to be happy if you haven’t discovered happiness within yourself.

La Ara


Live as though you know…

There are those who know.

They walk around as though they know- think, smile and talk as if they know and live as if they know.

They have stopped to ask themselves the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ in life, because they know…

They know they deserve nothing less than to know.


Because they decided to know. They decided: I deserve this and nothing less than the best in life.

And you know what? In the end everything turns out the way they knew it would… because their trust and inner knowing became so powerful.

No matter what.. don’t ‘believe’ or ‘think’ it – KNOW it.
Live AS IF.
Release your doubts and know that the world is here to fulfill your truest, most inner heartfelt desires.

Test it if you must. Give it a week, a month, a year. Buy truly, TRULY KNOW it! And let the world transform into your inner vision, right in front of your eyes!

For when you know, the doubt is gone. The fear moved on and you are stepping into your vortex.

And you know what?

The world comes to those… who know.

With their heart, their soul. If your vibration is that of one who is in ecstasy, in joy, in love AND bliss, you will give all of yourself to your highest vision.

And that’s what we need.

The world needs more of those

‘who know’.

La Ara



She inspires you to higher things.
She is a muse, a mystical queen,
Emanates high self esteem
After Spending a lifetime of searching deep within she has grown wings.

She knows how valuable she is to society,
Yet she makes her own life her priority.
And she respects that others have their own plan –
She stays true to herself, yet helps if she can.

Her voice, her eyes, her heart.
Strong and vulnerable, graceful and alert
does she walk through the world with an intensity
that can drive others to insanity.

Eyes so dark, almost black.
When you look into them there is no lack.
You see reflections of your own light,
Your passionate flame she will ignite.

With her head held up high,
She walks on this earth as if ready to fly.
Is she ever really here?
She seems like an alien amongst the humans
And is more human than people appear.

She died so many times before,
and every time she was reborn.
She has looked at all her fear,
So nothing can chain her, her path seems clear.

You see her glow.
Something unearthly touches her flow.
She seems untouchable but never alone,
When she steps upon her royal throne.

La Ara


I love You

When I look at you I see the wisdom of a million lifetimes.

I see the fights you fought and won against yourself and the love you have to give.

The adventurer within who wants to experience things he has never before.

The Wanderer, seeing this world with new eyes.

The pirate, searching for treasure.

I am one lucky woman to call you my partner.

By your side I feel like the queen of the world, conquering the planet with her king, through love.

It is my honor to walk this path with you.

Every day is a new adventure and I am amazed that I get to see this world in a new way, every day of my life.

Our music speaks for itself, it is the magical link that always connected us, even before we met in this lifetime.

As your muse I was always by your side and I knew all my life that you were out there. I had to travel across the ocean to come into your life, but it was worth every mile.

I Love you, Beautiful Soul!

La Ara

I am your Home

I will warm you when you feel cold
If you feel weak, it’s You I will hold.

Stronger together, Never alone.
You are my dreamer, I am your home.

You are my deep and endless sea,
My safe haven, my sanctuary.

Together here, our light shall shine,
Uplift the world and make it divine.

We have a space within our heart,
That keeps us connected even if we’re apart.

 The treasures of this world are at our feet,
To be with you makes my life complete.

Come, let us spread the love we share
So that others can feel it everywhere.

So that the lonely don’t give up hope, Knowing that it took us years to call each other home.

We felt alone once, as well
Feeling abandoned, imprisoned in hell.

Calling for help while in the dark we stood, Not knowing who to turn to, feeling misunderstood.

Then there was a vision of the other soul
That was waiting for our return, once we felt whole.

We dug ourselves up and saw the light
The darkness was gone, love pushed it aside.

And like a vision there the other stood, Flames bursting from the being that was pure and good.

“You will be alright, you will be okay,
Just call for my light when you lost your way.

And I will come into your life and make you feel home.
From then on you’ll never again feel alone.”

 That vision is what I held on to until we met, And through all our good and hard times I would never forget

That you are my true love, my one and only. My partner, my friend, my sanctuary.

After 30 years of calling you in,
Ever since I was born I heard you call my name.

As if we had set up a contract in heaven,
To come down to earth to meet again.

I heard your whisper in the night, next to my ear,
An angel’s voice appeared to calm my fear.

It was you from the start,
Only you have my heart.

And now the man above all men for me,
Has come to share his love infinitely.

I will warm you when you feel cold
If you feel weak, it’s You I will hold.

Stronger together, Never alone.
You are my dreamer, I am your home.

La Ara

“You cannot chase someone without running yourself!”

“Ha! What are you saying?!?”

Okay this may trigger some of you in our beautiful Twin Flame Community, but stay with this thought-provoking line for a moment…

I love reading in Twin Flame Stories in groups, seeing the questions and hearing about their experiences. Those groups simply inspire me…

In the past I would find hope there when I myself was in a seriously complicated situation and presently it offers me insight for my blogs as a Life Coach.

I told my partner about a post I read by someone who said she was a chaser and he pointed out to me:

If someone chases their Twin Flame, they are also running away from the relationship.

I paused for a second, realizing that he was making an important point!
I looked at him and asked him to continue this truly interesting statement…

He continued:

Would a hunter run after the deer he is hunting?
If a hunter wants to hunt deer, will he run after them – or will he study them, learn what they like, set a trap and let them come to him?

Men and Women often don’t spend the time to truly get to know the one they say they love. All they do is project their fantasies on them instead of getting to know the real being behind their desire.

This inspired me to write my blog today.

I now see the Twin Flame Runner-Chaser-Dynamic in a very different light.

Looking back now, I know I am guilty of doing both as well.

I did not just chase my partner in the beginning, I also ran from him.
And that for almost 2 years…

I did both at the same time, it’s a paradox in a way, but not really – if you think about it.

A chaser is running as well…

Why would a chaser run away?

Because Reality isn’t always as beautiful as a dream – it can be so much better…
But is it your dream or is it a dream you and your Twin Flame have together?
A dream is a dream, reality is different.

A single dream is easy to control. But this is Twin Flame, not Single Flame.
You and your Twin Flame both need to agree on the dream you have together.
You have to let reality unfold before your eyes, you can not control the outcome.

You have to trust that your Twin Flame feels the same for your and that he wants to live the life with you.

Maybe he needs time to prepare (mine did!) and let go of the past. Let go of expectations of others so your Twin Flame can focus on the journey you two have together.

Back in the beginning, I was afraid that what I was feeling would be the most miraculous and beautiful relationship in my life and that I had no more reason to complain about men in general.

I would have to take the responsibility of being happy.
I would have to accept that dreams can come true…

When I realized how paradox I was being, I changed my attitude.

I did everything I could to become the best version of myself first – so that no matter what happened, I did all I could to make my own world as positive and beautiful as possible.

And I had to realize that I was his perfect match, that I had already won because I had met the man of my life and it was up to me to invite him back into my life, as the best version of myself.

And it worked.

The man who I chased back then has become my life-partner, but only after I went through this epiphany and after I was happy, no matter the outcome.

Don’t get me wrong.
It doesn’t mean that we never argue, that we are always happy and there never is one moment of sadness or stress.

It means, that we are together, not matter what – and if there are any issues, we will talk about them and change things to come back to living Heaven on Earth together.

The truth is that women as well as men often have an ideal about their twin flame, an idea of who they are and what they are like – but we never give them the chance and honor to show us who they truly are.

We make assumptions.
We think we know them,

but if we don’t know ourselves,
how can we know anyone else?
It took my divine partner and me 1.5 years to truly commit to this beautiful relationship.

So if you are stuck in your life, feeling you are a chaser – answer me this:

Have you ever taken the time to truly meet your partner, heart to heart – or are you dreaming of how s/he is more than truly getting to know her/him?

How about you stop running/chasing and take a deep breath, allowing him/her to stand still as well – and then you both can get to know each other without running or chasing around.

If you realize you are running as well, listen into your heart and find out why.

What do you have to lose?

The true work in a relationship starts when the Disney movies end…

…but that is a blog post for another day.

So stay tuned and let me know what you think about the runner-chaser relationship with Twin Flames.

La Ara

To my Divine Partner (Poetry)

The wind blows through my hair –
I wait a moment, I feel you there.

Silently you whisper my name –
I hear your urgency, my heart bursts like a flame…

I may have not met you in this life,
But in other lifetimes I was your wife.

When I close my eyes I see you,
It’s more of a feeling, a sensation, something true…

Call me, again, wish me into your dreams –
I’ll be there, for our souls have worked on schemes…

They want to connect again in this life-span,
Want to feel, touch, listen, taste and see each other again.

All the men I’ve met before you prepared me for what’s to come –
They made me stronger, my faith and desire greater, so we can finally be one…

It’s not always easy to go through the pain,
when you feel lost, left alone with the hearts’ rain.

Anger, frustration and hopelessness knock at your door –
You feel so alone, almost naked down on the floor…

Then, one day, those feelings are gone –
The beautiful memories with the loved ones hang on.

Though you may not forget, you learn to forgive –
You stop to regret, you learn how to live.

You pray and you realize that the emotions you fear –
May actually bring you to your true love – who is so near.

The wind blows in my hair –
I wait a second, I feel you there.

I close my eyes and know –
That you are close to me wherever I go.

Now my vision is clear –
I just know you are almost here…

A deep breath, I count to ten –
I know you’re no more illusion…

When I open my eyes you are standing there –
I forget every moment of hurt – you are here – and this great love that we both can share.

La Ara

(I wrote this poem 1.5 years before I met my divine partner, now we have been together for almost 6 years.)

Who are Conspiracy Theorists?

They are the prophets of tomorrow.

The ones who are not buying the lies and choose to research outside of the mainstream media that sells you lies.

They are the ones who walk through this planet with open eyes, no longer waiting for a savior or the government to help or save them but instead finding their own solutions.

They are their own scientists, making their own experiments, because they are not satisfied with the answers they get from the so-called authorities.

They are the ones who asked questions in school and never got the answers that
would satisfy their genius minds and hearts.

They are the Revolutionaries.

The ones who bust the system because the system, as it is, is broken.

They are the ones who got written off as “different”, not fitting in by nurses, teachers, family and friends.

They are artists, a different kind of thinkers who create
their own world within this world.

The ones, who were incapable of sitting still for 8 hours at times, because there was too much to do, too much to enjoy, too much to fill the hours with instead of empty words that were only used to brainwash us.

They are healers, mediums, channelers, starseeds, dreamers, creatives.

They are the ones I call my best friends and add myself to!

All you Brave Souls out there who think outside of the box,
I call you brave, unshakable, beautiful – and my soul-family!

We are in this together!

May we now see an evolution of the brave, bold and beautiful!

We have awakened to be there for the golden Era,
the New Dawn, to build a New Society!

I am proud of everyone of you!

You inspire me!

Unbreakable, unshakable we will stand!

For where we go one, we go all!

La Ara

Not every day is great (Poem)

Not every day is great.

Sometimes we wake up early,
Sometimes we wake up late.

Sometimes we want to be heard,
On other days we don’t want to hear a word.

Change will happen every day,
Shadows creep in and go away.

What is an important lesson,
Is allow your inner pain to lessen.

Allow yourself to simply be,
Give up on pressure – and  feel free.

You are strong and you can do this!
Whatever your pain, you can get through this!

Feel it, allow it, let it go,
Dream of a better world you and know

That every pain will find release
When you allow yourself to be at ease.

Live every day as if it is your last,
Enjoy what you have and let go of the past.

Then every day will be the greatest,
And this day will be your best!

La Ara

Being a Queen

A queen…

…does not chase people or situations.

 She enjoys her life in the fullest

no matter if with others or on her own.

She is open to All-Possibilities. 
She gives without expectation…

The transition from a princess to a queen
has made her an entirely new person…

and the people from the past
that don’t understand it are not worth of her time,
for she no longer lives in fear or regret.

She is aware
that everything in her past was necessary,
but it’s no longer something she has to hold on to.

She no longer has the time to ask herself,
why people do what they do.

She is focusing on her own journey –
and the people who want to be part of it,
are always welcome.

Everything else will leave on its own,
because the Law of Attraction will dissolve negative,
restraining energies around her.

Motivated by her inner voices,
she does things out of her heart.
She gives more than she gets back,
because she knows that the more you give,
the more beauty will come to you…

A queen believes in divine timing and
that there is a reason why something didn’t occur.

She knows: so many people
are caught in inner restrains,
feeling it’s all about work
and not allowing themselves
to actually enjoy the journey.

Being grateful and happy is the actual “work”,
but it’s not about being happy because of a situation or person –
but always. 

A queen does not give others the permission
to make her feel anything else but love.
She’d rather be by herself than surrounded by people
who are filled with anger, aggression, jealousy and even hate.

She knows that the people
who she surrounds herself with,
will reflect on who she is.

Every situation that would have bothered her
when she was not owning her kingdom (vibration),
gives her peace:

She knows, every day is like a new lifetime, a new chance –
a chance to spread even more love, joy and happiness into the world.

She no longer feels responsible for the way others see her, for she knows, it’s their own projection, their own opinion, mainly of themselves which reflects on her, and not who she truly is.

If someone is afraid of being around her,
it’s because s/he’s afraid
that her happiness
could be contagious and s/he no longer
has the chance to complain about life…

She is loving, fun to be around with,
playful and always has new ideas
that bring out the inner child:

For even if the princess has been transformed into a queen,
she will always look at the world with the eyes of an innocent child:
filled with awe, wonder and the inner feeling
that she is destined to do something powerful within her life.

La Ara

The Awakening has begun

From day to night
We want to make things right
From Darkness to light
We let evilness subside

Called to the light
We leave the darkness behind
Challenging who wants to fight
Destroying the evil mind.

We can’t go on that much longer
Humanity is at a crossroads –
What attacks us makes us stronger
Yet we need to forget all that we were told.

And let go of past weight
Find balance and rejoice
Do it now, before it’s too late…
Step up for the right choice.

We are stronger than you think
We were born to be the light
We can transform everything
And brighten up the night

But we must know why we are there
Stick together, not divide
So many of us are everywhere
Let’s safe our future, while their fear runs wild.

Many came across the sky
Here to turn the world around
Anxious they wait for some signs
Of shifts that are profound

But they don’t see that they’re the ones
Who need to hear the Calling
They need to listen for the songs
The ancients wrote before their falling.

They are codes to awaken us
To allow us transformation.
The music is in our hearts
To wake us up and embrace ascension

Our history is a lie
We have been numbed and blinded.
Many ancient civilizations died
By the hands of “evil”-minded.

And now we sit amongst their midst
Absorbing what they feed us –
Worshiping the screen and shapeshifters –
Following “their” orders.

They get richer while we “slave”
A term that was supposed to be abolished.
They put us early in our graves –
And we hardly get acknowledged.

It’s time to shift,
Their time is done –
Life is a gift –
And we have won.

No one is higher than the next,
We are all equal in God’s eyes.
Treat each other with respect
Let’s recognize each others’ rights.

The truth is hidden in our hearts
Love can be found everywhere.
No more division that tears us apart
Stick together and share.

For we, the People, have already won,
The “evil” ones are falling…
The Awakening has already begun
Let’s answer our calling!

From day to night
We will make things right
From Darkness to light
We shall let evilness subside.

La Ara

Message to Humanity

Humanity is at a crossroad.

It is time to gather the strength and the belief
that you are here to experience the Ascension of Gaia –
and with her, all of you, that are ready – will ascend.

Let go of the little dramas in your lives that are holding you back

and start living your Visions.

Build your life the way you want it to be.

Allow yourselves to shine like the sun.

Too long have we all been held back…

The time for infinite abundance and bliss is NOW!

You precious humans are not slaves,
you are the Masters of this Galaxy
and it is time for you to let go of the things that hold you back.

Walk like Masters, talk like Masters, make Earth your Stage and BE the Masters.

La Ara