If you had the chance… would you?!?

If you had the chance to leave everything behind – and go on an adventure of a lifetime – would you?

Would you live your dream or just dream your life?

That is a question I had to ask myself a few times in my life.

So here is a little something about me:

Being a dual citizen, I always dreamed of going to New York.

I saw my first Broadway Show at the age of 7. The magic of the stories, diving into other people’s lives, the music, the lights… it changed my whole world – so much that it was my dream to be on Broadway myself.

Back in my home country, in Germany, I studied musical theater and when I got my diploma in 2013, an opportunity opened up.

My father said: Now is your chance! I will support you if you want to go to New York.

What a chance!

What a choice to make!

To dive into something completely new, move into a city with complete strangers – or stay where I was at, in my small village in Germany.

To leave everything behind I called my home, a safe environment, where everyone knew me – or to move into a huge city where I was anonymous and walk a path of my own.

A part of me was about to bail out of the opportunity, but my rebel soul and heart shouted at me:

If you don’t do it now, you will never leave here! You never wanted to be here in the first place! Go and do what you always wanted!

So I chose – a life of adventure.

I took my chances and left my home country after 28 years of living in Europe.

It was exciting and scary at the same time, but I had nothing to lose!

Due to being in the right place at the right time, I made friends and even got a place to live in (a room in the community/pastor’s house by all means), I found lots of friends, my best friend from Chicago moved to New York (we were talking about living in New York City since we were 16) and in 2015 I met my life-partner.

The most wonderful man and most exciting being I could imagine to be with.

In 2017, 3.5 years after my move to New York City, I moved in with him.

We shared the dream of traveling, of making music together and at the end of that year we made had a mother big decision to make.

Stay or live our dream and travel.

We chose to live our dream, something deep inside us was clear:

We got a trailer, sold or gave away what we couldn’t bring along, and traveled across the country.

Our actual trailer, standing at Lake Isabella in California.

We explored places like Sedona and Mount Shasta – Roswell – Yosemite – the Grand Canyon and so many more.

But even though we had dreamed about it, it took the courage and readiness to leave everything we had behind, including his job.

His true dream was to create his own songs, to perform and sing them together with me and this is something we are still doing today.

My partners Songs speak of awakening, rebellious acts of growth and transformation and I am grateful to be with him on this journey of Music and Adventure.

All I know is that whenever I said yes to big decisions like these, I was guided and cared for.

At the Devil’s Bridge in Sedona, Arizona.

Life is always full of choices.

With all this said and my story told, it is your turn now to answer for yourselves:

If you had the chance to leave everything behind – and go on an adventure of a lifetime – would you?

La Ara


Wake Up to the incredible Being that you are!

Life is too magical and too beautiful to play a minor role in it.

Wake up to the incredible Being that you are!!!

Within your own life, you are meant to be the main person!!!

We are not here to make others happy, we are here to BE happy ourselves.

No one else can make us happy… THAT alone is an inside job…

If we haven’t reached that point, what good will we be for others at all?

With our decision of coming to earth, we wanted to live a joyous life.

We did not come because others asked us to, it was OUR decision to BE, to BREATHE, to EXIST.

There are no karmic burdens.

We all are God/dess within…

Live life in the fullest and stop trying to teach others how to be happy if you haven’t discovered happiness within yourself.

La Ara


Live as though you know…

There are those who know.

They walk around as though they know- think, smile and talk as if they know and live as if they know.

They have stopped to ask themselves the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ in life, because they know…

They know they deserve nothing less than to know.


Because they decided to know. They decided: I deserve this and nothing less than the best in life.

And you know what? In the end everything turns out the way they knew it would… because their trust and inner knowing became so powerful.

No matter what.. don’t ‘believe’ or ‘think’ it – KNOW it.
Live AS IF.
Release your doubts and know that the world is here to fulfill your truest, most inner heartfelt desires.

Test it if you must. Give it a week, a month, a year. Buy truly, TRULY KNOW it! And let the world transform into your inner vision, right in front of your eyes!

For when you know, the doubt is gone. The fear moved on and you are stepping into your vortex.

And you know what?

The world comes to those… who know.

With their heart, their soul. If your vibration is that of one who is in ecstasy, in joy, in love AND bliss, you will give all of yourself to your highest vision.

And that’s what we need.

The world needs more of those

‘who know’.

La Ara



She inspires you to higher things.
She is a muse, a mystical queen,
Emanates high self esteem
After Spending a lifetime of searching deep within she has grown wings.

She knows how valuable she is to society,
Yet she makes her own life her priority.
And she respects that others have their own plan –
She stays true to herself, yet helps if she can.

Her voice, her eyes, her heart.
Strong and vulnerable, graceful and alert
does she walk through the world with an intensity
that can drive others to insanity.

Eyes so dark, almost black.
When you look into them there is no lack.
You see reflections of your own light,
Your passionate flame she will ignite.

With her head held up high,
She walks on this earth as if ready to fly.
Is she ever really here?
She seems like an alien amongst the humans
And is more human than people appear.

She died so many times before,
and every time she was reborn.
She has looked at all her fear,
So nothing can chain her, her path seems clear.

You see her glow.
Something unearthly touches her flow.
She seems untouchable but never alone,
When she steps upon her royal throne.

La Ara


I love You

When I look at you I see the wisdom of a million lifetimes.

I see the fights you fought and won against yourself and the love you have to give.

The adventurer within who wants to experience things he has never before.

The Wanderer, seeing this world with new eyes.

The pirate, searching for treasure.

I am one lucky woman to call you my partner.

By your side I feel like the queen of the world, conquering the planet with her king, through love.

It is my honor to walk this path with you.

Every day is a new adventure and I am amazed that I get to see this world in a new way, every day of my life.

Our music speaks for itself, it is the magical link that always connected us, even before we met in this lifetime.

As your muse I was always by your side and I knew all my life that you were out there. I had to travel across the ocean to come into your life, but it was worth every mile.

I Love you, Beautiful Soul!

La Ara

Expect to be a Winner!

Where did I turn wrong… when I forgot myself?

Which path did I pick that made me deny my own power?

Was it the moment that I tried too hard?

Denying my magic and energy?

The truth is that I wanted to suffer.

I wanted to suffer to go through experiences and to wake up to help others by showing them that an alternative way is possible.

All my life I suffered, it was a choice to suffer – to feel rejected.

Rejection became my second skin, part of my expectation.


because I was different;

because the love I felt wasn’t love the other person felt.

This rejection became so strong that I didn’t even notice it anymore and

In the end I rejected myself.

My own

personal magic,

my own true talents…

myself and everything I was.

I lived and loved, but never truly expected to be a winner, to have success.

When something beautiful happened, it felt “too good to be true.”

So though a part of me felt it was right, the biggest part said: “it will end soon”.

And as you think so shall it be…

Find your deepest fears and transform them.

If you used to “expect” rejection, “expect” to always attract acception and admiration.

Once you dig deep down into your soul, you can actually discover what kept you from winning ☺️

Now I EXPECT to be a winner and to ATTRACT abundance!

How about you?

La Ara

If today would be my last day

If today would be my last day…
I would do it all the same.
I wouldn’t change one moment in any way – and I would be grateful for all the moments that remain.

If today was my last day,
I would be happy knowing
That I got to spend it with the man who gave me wings.
And that they are constantly growing.

I am grateful that I found true love –
Nobody compares to you,
Against all odds and in another country far away enough,
I met the man who showed me a life, incredible and new.

I have no regrets,
Not today, not tomorrow,
Because only if we wouldn’t have met
Would my life be full of sorrow.

If today would be my last,
I would do everything the same –
I would let go of all that’s past –
And enjoy my life with the one who has awoken my flame.

Helen Davies aka La Ara

Full Moon Message of Honor

Fear not, dear ones, you are closer to your dreams than you think.

This is only the beginning.

Your manifestations are already on the way and so much closer than you think.

It is time to trust the process.

You don’t have to control everything, just be in the moment and have faith that everything happens to you is to honor you.

Love overcomes everything.

Love is the source, the mystical nectar of life.

With Love, Honor and Appreciation you can go as far as your heart truly desires.

Live with Honor.
Honor yourselves, your loved ones and
even the ones who seem to want to harm you.

Honoring does not mean to let someone else misuse you – it means to step away and give someone space if there is a necessity for it.

If you live with Honor, you live with Love – and with that you will attract everything you want into your life.

La Ara

Appreciate her

Appreciate every moment with her.
Her smiles, her giggles, don’t take anything for granted.

She is the one who can make you smile on bad days or laugh when you were crying and couldn’t stop on your own.

She will listen to you when you have stories to tell and kiss you when you are overthinking, so you can forget best you were thinking about and be present in the moment.

Don’t take these treasures for granted because there may be a time where she can not make you laugh or smile.

Her not being there could make you think too much with your head and not enough with your heart.

So what, she isn’t perfect, doesn’t wear makeup every day or feel the same emotions as you do? She is not you, but she is the one you rose in love with.

Just remember that every day (with her) is a gift – in order for you to remember how precious you are. And how much you deserve to live life in the highest way possible.

Wake up with full appreciation of life, of love and of dreams becoming reality – and you will live a life as a king in which your queen appreciates every moment of being with you.

La Ara

Be like Water

Be fluid and clear like water.

Water stands for emotions, for flow within you and outside of you.

It can help you tune into who you truly are…

Allow yourself to go with the flow.

The sound of a river can relax you and
help you become aware of the beauty of life.

If tears are to come through you, allow it and surrender.

Tears open up portals, they open up your heart
and clear your energies within you, that want to be expressed.

Allow yourself to flow like the water.
Like a stream.

Whoever tries to be in the way, will be carried away by the streaming joy that water feels in itself. It doesn’t focus on others,
it follows its own path.

Nothing can stop it – not even the stones in the water,
the obstacles on the path.

The stream is powerful and yet
if you put your hand into it, it is soft and permeable.

It is strong and can be fierce,
but it also flows and has the intention
to move forward.

The water simply chooses the path of least resistance.

Everything in nature has symbols –
and those can be used as guides on how to live our life.

Be like the water and you will return to your Highest Self.

La Ara


When I lay in your arms, the world around me disappears.

Your soft, warm hands caressing me, your sweet breath close to my ears.

It is in those moments that I feel more than ever before, why I am alive, what my purpose is.

How did I get so lucky?

Feeling the warmth of your body in my back, I feel safe and protected.

Your kisses give me chills.

I want this moment never to stop.

I am yours, yours alone.

Night and day, day and night.


La Ara

Love heals

The other day I didn’t feel so well.

I woke up at 6 am to go to the bathroom and my nose kept running like crazy.

My tummy was aching and i felt like I was at the beginning of a cold, which wouldn’t be a surprise due to the continuous weather change up here and the wind blowing at the windows like it is trying to blow our cabin away ☺️

When I went back to bed, Timothy was up, looking at me with his beautiful eyes full of love.

He asked me what was wrong and I told him what was going on inside of me.

He took me into his arms and placed one of his hands on by belly, softly saying „you are healed now“.

We laid like this for a while until we were ready to start the day.

Ever since, I felt absolutely amazing

We don’t always need a doctor in order to be healed.

Sometimes Healing can come from the intention of purely giving love and knowing that the other person is healed.

You don’t need to be a trained healer in order to share your love.

As long as the intention is to purely heal somebody with love and kindness, without wanting anything in return, you can be a healer, too.

La Ara