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Let me help you understand yourself a little better...
                                       ...and with that your Twin Flame Journey

                                                           Breathe, focus and find your way back to yourself.

            Become your best friend and do the things you truly enjoy in your life!

The more you love yourself, the more beauty you will attract. 
When do you ever get the time to truly spend time alone with yourself?

When have you last taken yourself out to a movie or even watched a movie alone at home,
allowing yourself to laugh and cry however you heart desires it?

Maybe it's in the back of your mind: "I can do this LATER" 

But then LIFE happens.

You go to school - college / work - meet someone - have a career and/or children (maybe both) 
and have absolutely no time for yourself...

Luckily, when I went across the pond and moved to New York City, 
I had the time I needed to get to know myself better.
Living by myself for 2 years, in Brooklyn, New York, has definitely helped me 
to get to know myself better  and to let go of the past as well.

Of course it was a learning curve and I did a lot of mistakes as well, 
but that is a story for another time.
Not being seen, not being loved the way I deserved to - and feeling alone
happened mostly because I did not love myself!

I had no compassion for myself. 
I was not my best friend, I was my best critic.

Does that sound familiar to you?

Having a lot of time to reflect on what I truly wanted
 and starting completely new without knowing anyone around me, 
forced me to spend a lot of time with myself.

And that is the biggest reason why I am where I am now:

In a happy and beautiful relationship
 with the most wonderful and understanding man in the world.
If you want to be in a beautiful relationship with a partner, too - you need to start with yourself first.

I used to say to myself:

I want to be with someone for the rest of my life - 
so it is vital to get to myself better NOW - 
because LATER I will not have the time to just be there for myself 
when I am in a wonderful and beautiful relationship that fills my life up.

And BOY was I right!!!
Ever since we met, we have been traveling and exploring this beautiful world together.


It is BECAUSE I have had so much time alone, 
to explore what I wanted and realize what I wanted to accomplish in life,
 that I am HERE NOW. On my blog. 

Able to help find a way back to who you are truly meant to be.
Now I can be there for you.
After going through my own Dark Night of the Soul
and multiple separations that were necessary.

I can help you help yourself.
Finding ease and love for yourself.
Love begins with YOU!

Love yourself ALL THE WAY. 
No matter how hard it seems.
Become your best friend and focus on your dreams.
With love for yourself - every day will be a happy day.
You can do this.
Become your best friend
 and don't let other people treat you any less than you deserve

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