She inspires you to higher things.
She is a muse, a mystical queen,
Emanates high self esteem
After Spending a lifetime of searching deep within she has grown wings.

She knows how valuable she is to society,
Yet she makes her own life her priority.
And she respects that others have their own plan –
She stays true to herself, yet helps if she can.

Her voice, her eyes, her heart.
Strong and vulnerable, graceful and alert
does she walk through the world with an intensity
that can drive others to insanity.

Eyes so dark, almost black.
When you look into them there is no lack.
You see reflections of your own light,
Your passionate flame she will ignite.

With her head held up high,
She walks on this earth as if ready to fly.
Is she ever really here?
She seems like an alien amongst the humans
And is more human than people appear.

She died so many times before,
and every time she was reborn.
She has looked at all her fear,
So nothing can chain her, her path seems clear.

You see her glow.
Something unearthly touches her flow.
She seems untouchable but never alone,
When she steps upon her royal throne.

La Ara

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