I saw his glow

I saw the glowing in his soul long before I met him.

I heard his call across the seas.

Since the moment we crossed I can’t forget him.

He is the one who makes me fall on my knees.

Always connected we had our days apart,

But still he held me close.

His touch is like a melody, like art.

I feel him everywhere I go.

And even if the world stood still,

And times would come to an end –

In his presence I’d find the will,

To fight for that to which I stand.

He is my angel and my hero,

Because he took the time to learn –

He had to start again at zero,

So as my man he could return.

With nothing in his hands he showed me,

That I can have everything.

It’s not about security,

It’s about the abundance of love within that you bring.

So when true love comes into your life,

Know that nothing stays the same.

You will be forced to live and die,

And be reborn in your lovers’ flame.

Allow your fear to burn away,

Let your lover hold you.

You’ll be unbreakable one day –

And you’ll come into the world as new.

And when he came I saw his soul,

And all his masks were gone.

Embracing our dreams we can give up control –

And shine brighter as the sun.


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