Life is Heaven

I sing to the world with the voice of my heart.

I speak to it with the voice of my soul.

We all wanted the same from the start,

It’s time to take back control.

No one can lead you, it starts from within.

In your own life it’s where you begin.

Rules were made to break,

To give in is a mistake.

Answer to yourself how you want to live –

and remember what you want to receive is what you give.

Just because a rule was made a thousand years ago,

It doesn’t mean that we need to still follow through.

Just know, whatever you want comes back in threes.

So to answer with love, will keep your life at ease.

I want you to remember how special you are.

If you trust yourself, you can go very far.

Life is bound to give you everything,

If you let your soul and your heart sing.

So spread your wing and learn to fly,

And trust that spirit will lift you high.

For each of us were born to to shine –

We’re not alone, we constantly get signs…

To follow our hearts and live our dreams…

We’ll make our lives to blessings supreme.

I speak from my soul, don’t give up the magic in your life,

for you are meant to live divinely, not just to survive.

Everything can be as you want it to be,

All you need to do is go out there and see…

That life is paradise, it’s meant to be heaven.

So don’t give up and don’t stress 24/7.

Allow yourself to feel and filter negativity.

Remember that you were made to see –

That life can be however you see from inside,

So next time you get angry, just change your mind.

Allow yourself to dance, to laugh and sing,

And remember that life simply is amazing!!!

La Ara

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