Desires, Responsabilities and Readiness

We say we are ready to be with the man we have dreamed of. But are we? Most of our men have been truly hurt in the past. Hurt from past ralationships and they will bring their shadows with them. Shadows of fear and loneliness, of being left alone after opening up to us. AreContinue reading “Desires, Responsabilities and Readiness”

I am who I want to be – not who someone else wants me to be

I wrote this exactly a year ago and I am sharing this again!!! And today it’s even more significant than 365 years ago Yesterday I was told that people think of me as strange because I smile. Because I find happiness and beauty in the little things… People thought of me the same way inContinue reading “I am who I want to be – not who someone else wants me to be”


If I would say only talk about things you truly believe in and live by you would probably agree with me: that sounds absolutely right and doable… But the question is: Do we do that? Do we really do that? Are we living by that which we are saying? Do we¬†truly trust that only goodContinue reading “BELIEVE IN YOURSELF”