The Queen

She inspires you to higher things. She is a muse, a mystical queen, Emanates high self esteem After Spending a lifetime of searching deep within she has grown wings. she knows how valuable she is to society, Yet she makes her own life her priority. And she respects that others have their own plan –Continue reading “The Queen”

Why you should get yourself a little bit of Cosmic Creations.

I am an artist. Most of my life I have loved to sing and inspire people by being myself, spreading warmth and happiness with my voice. But this is only one part of me…   2 years ago, my partner Tim inspired me to start making my own jewelry. I have always loved to lookContinue reading “Why you should get yourself a little bit of Cosmic Creations.”

A Queen…

…does not chase people or situations. She is enjoying her life in the fullest – no matter if with others or on her own. She is open to all-possibilities and gives without expectation… The transition from a princess to a queen has made her an entirely new person… and the people from the past thatContinue reading “A Queen…”