We are Magical

What we don’t realize is that we all ARE magical. Every thought we have, every word we say – it’s all magic. People are “scared” of magic, but we do it all the time – whether we believe in it and do it consciously or not. We don’t have a choice… Magic happens the momentContinue reading “We are Magical”

Let me tell you a little secret…

In order for true love to appear in your life, you don’t have to change at all. The person who is right for you will see your magic and won’t want you to change, even if you laugh like a unicorn-fairy… 😘 All you have to do is discover your own magic and discern whoContinue reading “Let me tell you a little secret…”

And suddenly you realize that it is okay to not love everyone

It is okay to love yourself more than a toxic relationship with ‘friends’ or ‘family ‘. You don’t need to try to fix everything. Sometimes people need to leave your heart so you can make room for new people, but most and for all, you need to make room for yourself. If you spend allContinue reading “And suddenly you realize that it is okay to not love everyone”

Why it’s time to let go of your past

Only when you are at a point in your life where the past has absolutely no relevance for you anymore, will you be able to step into a new life cycle. I spent most of my life thinking I wasn’t enough and worse: I was consciously LOOKING for a problem in my psyche, thinking somethingContinue reading “Why it’s time to let go of your past”

Live like a Gypsy

Don’t be too obsessed with the things you ‘own’ because that’s all an illusion. We don’t own anything on this planet, we are guests who are here to enrich the world with our present energy. Take your heart with you, everywhere you go and make your heart your home. We don’t live forever but weContinue reading “Live like a Gypsy”

Set yourself free – and live!

You are here to live. Not just to give… The only way to truly experience yourself is by allowing your ego to be here, to exist.   Enjoy life without the constant inner chains, without holding yourself back continously. There is a huge difference between being egoistical all the time, taking things away from others,Continue reading “Set yourself free – and live!”


Shine! Leave your worries behind and allow your light to come through you! You were meant to shine, not to stay in darkness. Of course, without darkness you would have never found the light… You are here for a reason – you are here because one day, many years ago, your soul wanted to comeContinue reading “SHINE!!!”

Motivation/Affirmation A-Z

Tell yourself today (and every day) (parden me for writing in the feminine version, but this is also an affirmation process for me. Any man reading this, use the masculine form 😉 ) If this is too long for you, just pick one letter from A-Z and read that part! A I am amazing, I live inContinue reading “Motivation/Affirmation A-Z”