Who are Conspiracy Theorists?

They are the prophets of tomorrow.

The ones who are not buying the lies and choose to research outside of the mainstream media that sells you lies.

They are the ones who walk through this planet with open eyes, no longer waiting for a savior or the government to help or save them but instead finding their own solutions.

They are their own scientists, making their own experiments, because they are not satisfied with the answers they get from the so-called authorities.

They are the ones who asked questions in school and never got the answers that
would satisfy their genius minds and hearts.

They are the Revolutionaries.

The ones who bust the system because the system, as it is, is broken.

They are the ones who got written off as “different”, not fitting in by nurses, teachers, family and friends.

They are artists, a different kind of thinkers who create
their own world within this world.

The ones, who were incapable of sitting still for 8 hours at times, because there was too much to do, too much to enjoy, too much to fill the hours with instead of empty words that were only used to brainwash us.

They are healers, mediums, channelers, starseeds, dreamers, creatives.

They are the ones I call my best friends and add myself to!

All you Brave Souls out there who think outside of the box,
I call you brave, unshakable, beautiful – and my soul-family!

We are in this together!

May we now see an evolution of the brave, bold and beautiful!

We have awakened to be there for the golden Era,
the New Dawn, to build a New Society!

I am proud of everyone of you!

You inspire me!

Unbreakable, unshakable we will stand!

For where we go one, we go all!

La Ara

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