Not every day is great (Poem)

Not every day is great.

Sometimes we wake up early,
Sometimes we wake up late.

Sometimes we want to be heard,
On other days we don’t want to hear a word.

Change will happen every day,
Shadows creep in and go away.

What is an important lesson,
Is allow your inner pain to lessen.

Allow yourself to simply be,
Give up on pressure – and  feel free.

You are strong and you can do this!
Whatever your pain, you can get through this!

Feel it, allow it, let it go,
Dream of a better world you and know

That every pain will find release
When you allow yourself to be at ease.

Live every day as if it is your last,
Enjoy what you have and let go of the past.

Then every day will be the greatest,
And this day will be your best!

La Ara

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