The Awakening has begun

From day to night
We want to make things right
From Darkness to light
We let evilness subside

Called to the light
We leave the darkness behind
Challenging who wants to fight
Destroying the evil mind.

We can’t go on that much longer
Humanity is at a crossroads –
What attacks us makes us stronger
Yet we need to forget all that we were told.

And let go of past weight
Find balance and rejoice
Do it now, before it’s too late…
Step up for the right choice.

We are stronger than you think
We were born to be the light
We can transform everything
And brighten up the night

But we must know why we are there
Stick together, not divide
So many of us are everywhere
Let’s safe our future, while their fear runs wild.

Many came across the sky
Here to turn the world around
Anxious they wait for some signs
Of shifts that are profound

But they don’t see that they’re the ones
Who need to hear the Calling
They need to listen for the songs
The ancients wrote before their falling.

They are codes to awaken us
To allow us transformation.
The music is in our hearts
To wake us up and embrace ascension

Our history is a lie
We have been numbed and blinded.
Many ancient civilizations died
By the hands of “evil”-minded.

And now we sit amongst their midst
Absorbing what they feed us –
Worshiping the screen and shapeshifters –
Following “their” orders.

They get richer while we “slave”
A term that was supposed to be abolished.
They put us early in our graves –
And we hardly get acknowledged.

It’s time to shift,
Their time is done –
Life is a gift –
And we have won.

No one is higher than the next,
We are all equal in God’s eyes.
Treat each other with respect
Let’s recognize each others’ rights.

The truth is hidden in our hearts
Love can be found everywhere.
No more division that tears us apart
Stick together and share.

For we, the People, have already won,
The “evil” ones are falling…
The Awakening has already begun
Let’s answer our calling!

From day to night
We will make things right
From Darkness to light
We shall let evilness subside.

La Ara

Published by La Ara

I have traveled all around the world and lived in Germany, Austria, the East Coast of the United Sates and the West Coast. After 4 exciting years in New York City where I sang and lived in a church, another great year in and 2 years of traveling from the East Coast to the West Coast in our Travel Trailer, my partner Tim and I have decided to stay in one place for a while, focusing on writing and inspiring people from all around the world. Our Home now is in California, the state we have always dreamed of. My posts mostly come from the inspiration I find within myself, from my journey through life and on the road with our trailer. What I don’t make to a blog gets turned into music. Tim and I are Singer-Songwriters with the Name: From the Aether. You can find our website here:

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