Living in a Heavenly State of Mind

Love flows through my soul.

There is no other way for me to describe happiness
than as a tingle in my body, my lips smiling, my eyes dreaming.

Music surrounds me and I feel like in paradise.

It is here: Paradise.

There is no need to search for it anywhere but in your own perception.

Does earth seem more like heaven or hell to you?

We were given this planet in order to make something special with it,
not to destroy it.

But instead of loving everything equally we put value on it.

Something has to be worth something.
Gold, money has become more precious than earth itself.

How much value does the blue sky have – or the eagle flying in the sky?

And because humans need to understand and analyze everything, they need to name everything, too.

Heaven and Hell are basically made up words but because we have an idea about them, they make us feel something as well.

It is not about the words themselves, but the feeling behind them…

I realized a long time ago that Heaven and Hell are a state of being.

If you feel unwelcome, ridiculed, it feels like hell.

If others treat you respectfully and lovingly, it feels like heaven.

Can’t you see?

Hell is not a place filled with fire and demons watching over you… hell is in your mind – and you can change it every day, every moment of your life.

Of course church and Hollywood have helped with the pictures in your head becoming a “reality” for you – and now your subconscious mind is filled with images of a place underneath the earth where lost souls and “evil” humans are screaming with infinite pain while they are being tortured.

How does this image make you feel?

You know you just went there with your head
while I simply used words to describe a picture in my head.

Learn to filter.

Stop being a victim to your subconscious mind.

If your fantasy is very vivid , fill your heart and soul with love and beauty, with good stories about heroes and their journey.

Don’t focus on the bad.

It will only bring you down…

It is not always easy when you see the pictures in the news or watch horror movies – but you can choose not to do so.

Live consciously and return to “heaven” every day.

Now, because your subconscious mind takes up most of our mind-space – it is important that you fill your awakened state with powerful and beautiful stories and impressions.

Allow yourself to dream.

Let go of the need to compare your life to others or to judge them.

Everyone does the best they can to live in this beautiful world.

This is about YOU.

And the more you are in the state of paradise, the more will you be able to see heaven everywhere you go.

Take earth in as a conscious being – everywhere you go there is a message waiting for you, even every person you meet has one.

Just listen for the magical sounds of paradise
while you walk on this beautiful planet!

La Ara

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