If today would be my last day

If today would be my last day…
I would do it all the same.
I wouldn’t change one moment in any way – and I would be grateful for all the moments that remain.

If today was my last day,
I would be happy knowing
That I got to spend it with the man who gave me wings.
And that they are constantly growing.

I am grateful that I found true love –
Nobody compares to you,
Against all odds and in another country far away enough,
I met the man who showed me a life, incredible and new.

I have no regrets,
Not today, not tomorrow,
Because only if we wouldn’t have met
Would my life be full of sorrow.

If today would be my last,
I would do everything the same –
I would let go of all that’s past –
And enjoy my life with the one who has awoken my flame.

Helen Davies aka La Ara

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