If today would be my last day

If today would be my last day…
I would do it all the same.
I wouldn’t change one moment in any way – and I would be grateful for all the moments that remain.

If today was my last day,
I would be happy knowing
That I got to spend it with the man who gave me wings.
And that they are constantly growing.

I am grateful that I found true love –
Nobody compares to you,
Against all odds and in another country far away enough,
I met the man who showed me a life, incredible and new.

I have no regrets,
Not today, not tomorrow,
Because only if we wouldn’t have met
Would my life be full of sorrow.

If today would be my last,
I would do everything the same –
I would let go of all that’s past –
And enjoy my life with the one who has awoken my flame.

Helen Davies aka La Ara

Published by La Ara

I have traveled all around the world and lived in Germany, Austria, the East Coast of the United Sates and the West Coast. After 4 exciting years in New York City where I sang and lived in a church, another great year in and 2 years of traveling from the East Coast to the West Coast in our Travel Trailer, my partner Tim and I have decided to stay in one place for a while, focusing on writing and inspiring people from all around the world. Our Home now is in California, the state we have always dreamed of. My posts mostly come from the inspiration I find within myself, from my journey through life and on the road with our trailer. What I don’t make to a blog gets turned into music. Tim and I are Singer-Songwriters with the Name: From the Aether. You can find our website here: www.fromtheaether.com

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