Be like Water

Be fluid and clear like water.

Water stands for emotions, for flow within you and outside of you.

It can help you tune into who you truly are…

Allow yourself to go with the flow.

The sound of a river can relax you and
help you become aware of the beauty of life.

If tears are to come through you, allow it and surrender.

Tears open up portals, they open up your heart
and clear your energies within you, that want to be expressed.

Allow yourself to flow like the water.
Like a stream.

Whoever tries to be in the way, will be carried away by the streaming joy that water feels in itself. It doesn’t focus on others,
it follows its own path.

Nothing can stop it – not even the stones in the water,
the obstacles on the path.

The stream is powerful and yet
if you put your hand into it, it is soft and permeable.

It is strong and can be fierce,
but it also flows and has the intention
to move forward.

The water simply chooses the path of least resistance.

Everything in nature has symbols –
and those can be used as guides on how to live our life.

Be like the water and you will return to your Highest Self.

La Ara

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