We Are Free

We are free –
I wish I could only make others see –
But it is not in my powers
To reveal this to others.

Everyone has a choice –
To listen to their hearts or to listen to the “noise”
And while others feel the need to screen and shout
I go deep within and breathe everything out.

We can only be inspiration –
I won’t be part of others’ experimentation.
Everyone must do their own math
Put everything together and follow their own path.

Meme made by The Awakened Adventurer http://www.the-awakened-adventurer.com

Together we’re united, divided we will fall –
So let’s stick together, we’re all human after all.
Let’s allow everyone to consciously choose
If they’d rather obey or if they want to refuse.

For all we know, we are the experiment
To see if through all the obstacles we can still stand.
As long as we feel alive,
And focus on higher, we can still thrive.

There is no black and white, you know.
Each human is different, there’s only rainbow.
No experiment can be done
If we refuse to participate, if we stand as one.

Black against white, love against hate –
Those are phrases they tell us, so we ourselves start to segregate.
What if they only want to see us divided –
Feeling numb instead of excited?

They want to take away our choice
So they can choose for us and fill us with their made-up noise.
What if the true evolution is within,
Remembering we’re God’s creation and without sin?

We can manifest with our devotion
By feeling every emotion
Then we let our heart guide us
And will know what is right for us.

No experiment exists without your consent –
So let’s take our life into our own hands.
You are not just the name on a paper –
You are something higher.

You have a body and a soul –
That is something that they can’t control.
No matter what they do –
How you react is up to you.

It’s up to you to participate –
And allow them to segregate –
Or enjoy your life for what it is –
Your own experiment – and eternal bliss.

La Ara

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