The sun is shining on my face, I am wild and free.

Here I get to experience peace, It’s where I am meant to be.

The clouds rolling by
through the light blue sky

The wind is howling me a song,
To show me it’s where I belong.

My hair it jumps up in the air,
I’m dancing… cause I just don’t care!

Alone but not lonesome,
For I am with my handsome.

Sitting together day and night,
Sharing our love and watching the star’s light.

I am grateful to be on this earth,
We are here to realize what we are worth.

And manifest the peace within
So we can send it out to the world and manifestations can begin.

Just feel the joy and happiness
That within these words I shall express.

We can manifest peace
If we let go and focus on ease.

From the bottom of my heart,
I send you all love so you can feel the spark

And pass it along to others of our kind
Who long to feel free and be freed of their overthinking mind.

La Ara

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