A love letter to the misfits

This is a Loveletter to my rebels, my misfits, my friends…

I am sending my love and gratitude to all the ones who have been labeled “misfits”.

I say thank you to all of you, who are spending hours of research, spreading awareness and don’t even try to swim with the (main)stream.

Don’t give up… you are being seen, heard and acknowledged.

You are sensational and I love you for your authenticity, your rebellion act of love, for allowing yourself to simply be you without fitting in.

Because of this I will not be the only one who refuses to follow “rules” that go completely against myself.

For I will not let others tell me how to educate myself or how to live my life.

I did not spend most of my life doing the things I do, only to give up now, when the world needs us the most.

I did not speak up for freedom of speech and for peace, only to become a part of the system that puts people into chains.

I thank each and everyone of you who have been labeled “conspiracy theorists” or worse: dangerous to society because they don’t follow “mandates” – and still don’t give up.

I am proud of you and I will stand behind everyone of you who has decided to stand up for your HUMAN rights.

Life did not bring us on this planet to be slaves but to live our lives with love and joy.
To live life in our unique, special way.

Where will our world head to if everything joyful is being disabled and even a smile has become an act of rebellion?

We are needed now more than ever!!!

I know it’s hard… and while we sometimes feel like we want to give up and just follow the rules so we don’t lose friends and family, just know that there are people like me out there, who go through similar feelings of hopelessness.

But then I remember that there are people like you out there…

Know that you are not alone.

We are all in this together.

Know that more and more people are waking up.

And everyone of you has contributed to their awakening by being awake yourself.

Our lights will shine through the darkness.

But that would not be possible without you…


Thank you…

Thank you for not swimming with the (main)stream.

Thank you for being you!

Thank you for sharing your truth!

La Ara

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