Wake Up to the incredible Being that you are!

Life is too magical and too beautiful to play a minor role in it.

Wake up to the incredible Being that you are!!!

Within your own life, you are meant to be the main person!!!

We are not here to make others happy, we are here to BE happy ourselves.

No one else can make us happy… THAT alone is an inside job…

If we haven’t reached that point, what good will we be for others at all?

With our decision of coming to earth, we wanted to live a joyous life.

We did not come because others asked us to, it was OUR decision to BE, to BREATHE, to EXIST.

There are no karmic burdens.

We all are God/dess within…

Live life in the fullest and stop trying to teach others how to be happy if you haven’t discovered happiness within yourself.

La Ara

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