Here to Inspire

I am here to inspire.

Not to teach or preach but to open eyes to another kind of life to the ones that are open to dive into it.

We can all be a beacon of light, a beacon of hope, a candle to light a fire for others who have lost their hope.

Now I am in a beautiful, sacred paradise and yet the people who are here wear masks in fear of an invisible enemy, not knowing that FEAR is the true virus.

Wherever I was, whenever I was overwhelmed by fear and with darkness which I felt inside, I knew that there was light left for me, even if I didn’t know where to find it.

Life is what you make of it.

If you don’t step into your divine energy and away from fear, all our freedom will soon be taken from us.

They are doing it already, so kept your eye open, don’t put blinders on your eyes.

It’s okay if you are not ready, gather the strength today for the change tomorrow.

I will be here and cheer you on!

La Ara

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