Live Consciously, without Fear

Don’t let the world tell you what to think or say.

If that were the case you would be nothing more than a machine taking orders.

Instead, learn to see the world with new eyes.

It seems like the people out there want us to live in a cloud of fear, fogging up our brains with ideas of war and that there is not enough money or resource out there for humanity.

We run around, fearing someone will steal something from us or hurt us.

All the things we see and hear in the news make us numb and emotionless.

We feel we need to comment on the every day happenings of the world. There could be war coming tomorrow, right?

And then?!

It would be irresponsible to not watch the news or at least read about them.

Let me tell you something.

Ever since I stopped listening to the stuff ‘out there’ and consciously chose what I listened to – ever since I stopped reading and watching the news, the war outside of me stopped to be within me.

I have never been more peaceful and more at ease.

As within so without.
Outer War = Inner War.

I attracted the right life, the right circumstances into my life and live my dream, going with the flow. No one to answer to but myself.

If I can do it, you can, too!
But it takes a lot of work.

You need to learn to let go of restrictions you put on yourself.

It’s often not other people, it is what you think that other people think!

When you find yourself talking to yourself with negative self talk, notice it and let go.

Breathe it out, free yourself and find something good about yourself.
Same when you talk badly about others.

80% (if not 100) of what we say today is nothing new and mostly a simple repeat of yesterday.

Be conscious.

There is more to you than what the outside world projects at you.

Try to learn something new every day.

There is so much to discover.

Talk to a plant, hug a tree, take a walk. Seize the moment, learn a new word in a different language.

You will see how interesting your world becomes when you start to live a conscious life – and when your world becomes peaceful and interesting you will attract more of that into your life – and you will become more and more interesting, too.

La Ara

(The background of the picture and what Tim and I are wearing are his self designed Magick Mandala Bandanas, easy to purchase here: – also Tim and I are an acoustic duo band called From the Aether, with music in 432hertz. The pictures with him and me are from our newest video: “It’s Time to Wake Up”)

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