My extraordinary path to Reiki

When I was 17 I had the opportunity to see Athens.

My father was conducting West Side Story in the ruins of the acropolis and I was able to experience the power behind that amazing place.

We didn’t just live in any hotel, We lived right on the hill towards the Acropolis.

A girl from the cast of West Side Story was guided to take me up to the beautiful temple and attune me to reiki.

It was amazing. For some reason they had the place closed and gated but somehow she managed to get us in… for free… and alone. It was an honor and a blessing.

I did a lot of cleansing and I felt the power within the walls of the acropolis.

It was wonderful.

She gave me energy and ever since then, my body dances on its own whenever I don’t control it to be still.

We all are energy and surrounded by it all the time.

Everything we touch is energy. But this energy, reiki energy , is healing.

Her guides later told her to introduce me to the third reiki. Long distance healing.

It was an exciting adventure.

One I will never forget. It was like spirits were preparing me for something very special and I was open and ready to learn.

I know that was the shift, the moment my spiritual awakening truly began.

One day I will go back just to remember the teachings and the experience.

Also because it was one of the first times I started to get into energies, saw shifts and portals and heard my guides speak to me.

I know my guides aren’t done with me, it has only just begun !

I never learned the traditional reiki but I went to another attunement which was about twin flame reiki, in New York City.

I have healing hands which are not supposed to be traditionally attuned. It’s important to realize that old traditions aren’t always the best.

I came here on this planet to be extraordinary. To stick out and not be a copy.

And to learn things in my own way.

I heal with rainbow light and with my spiritual twin flame energy.

La Ara

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