Made-up drama in a world of peace

Watching the news or reading the newspaper only drives you crazy…

If you sit down, by yourself, in your room and shut out all the drama that people surround you with – if you tune into your heart and soul and simply breathe – is there war? Is there pain? What do you really feel in that moment?

When I am by myself, breathing deeply – I am at peace. I feel free. There are no chains that are holding me.

Life is meant to be good. Why let others around you destroy your inner peace?

Just don’t let others draw you in to their drama – and you will see:

Life is beautiful!

Drama, fear, anger, jealousy, pain – it’s all an illusion. And you don’t even have to “meditate” for it, just enjoy each moment as it comes to you.

Stop appreciating the future and the past more than the NOW.

It’s funny but the present is the only thing that really exists. Yet it’s the one things we hardly pay attention to.

Let things take on their own shape and form and stop trying to control everything.

Most of the things we learned, we did through magazines, movies, books and what others told us.

But no one ever walked in your shoes or had your experiences.
You have your own path. Now walk it – with love 😀

La Ara

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