Singing heals you!

Whenever I feel emotional, I choose a song that fits my emotions, that I love (mostly from musical theater) and sing.

This has helped me through many tough situations.
Usually, right after the song, I feel better, because I got to express myself.

I don’t just sing it, I realize what I am singing and I get to embody someone else in a similar situation. I get to step away from my own problems and step into someone else with similar emotions.

That alone is therapy!

Singing heals.
Emotions need to be let out.
The vibration of your voice heals your body, it doesn’t matter if you are professional or new to singing, it will always help you.
Even if you put heavy metal on and scream it out of your lungs!
You will feel better afterwards!

That’s why Karaoke is such a big thing!

In New York, when I felt alone, was depressed or simply going through a rough time, I would go and sing karaoke. I would even rent a room all to myself, so I could just go and sing. They had way more musical theater karaoke than I had at home.

It made me go out into the city instead of staying inside my walls. It wasn’t about being heard, it was about letting out what couldn’t be said.

Sometimes I didn’t even know what was wrong with me, I just needed time and space to find it out.

I would cry, I would laugh, I would scream, I would sing.

After that I would be healed, I would be able to breathe again and I felt at ease.

Singing should be offered in every school, for free!
(Singing Teachers would be paid by the school)
And it should be alone, not in groups.
This way, everyone would be helped:

Kids would not need to find other things to let emotions out, like bullying, drinking alcohol, taking drugs and other mind numbing things.
They could explore their voices, express themselves without having to worry about other people laughing at them.

One of my favorite singing teachers Phil, who passed away a few years ago, said to me once: everyone can sing. Even the ones who think they can’t.

It was his motto and he helped a lot of people open up and express their feelings in songs.

That’s one of the things I am here for. Helping people to open up their voices, whether they want to sing on stage or just for fun.

Every doctor should prescribe his patient to sing.

Because singing heals you!

La Ara

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