It is time for a revolution

Do me a favor, bust the system of negativity.

Why are we humans so focused on sharing our negative experiences or generally negative posts in politics and other events?

That can make Facebook easily turn into doomsday!

It is time for us to share our dreams and our visions for this world, for our life!

The past is over!!!
Yet we are stuck in it instead of being in the present moment and enjoying everything we have…

We are continously repeating the dramas of the past and then we wonder why it’s coming back to us…

We keep the pain alive!!!

We think everyone needs to know about our last operation or our grief and take them on a journey of pain with us.

We heard somewhere that shared pain makes us feel better – but the truth is that shared pain makes pain stay alive…

We will not be able to overcome what we went through if we repeatedly share the worst experiences we had.

So, do me a favor:

Share the things that matter NOW in your life. The joy, the experiment of success…

You have a house, or at least a roof over your head if you have facebook/a blog – a device that lets you in to facebook, fingers to write and share something and a voice to speak – with all that you have the responsability to show the world that there ARE success stories out here!

Be a rebel:

Realize that you can be part of a big change!

This changer starts now by sharing
your stories in a new way – think back of all the good things that happened to you. How you wanted something so immensely that it came true.
How did you do it?

You will see that if you focus on the good, more good will come to you.

No more negativity,
no more complaining,
no more suffering in front of the public:

If you have been through so much bad stuff, write it into a blank book so that it is out of your mind but not shared with the world – do you really want people to pity you??? What kind of energy would you attract with that? More pity?

Think about the strength you had to overcome it and then start sharing the positive life you are living!

Spread beauty and joy – and it will spread like a wild fire – happiness will spread within your friends and families and your positivity will be contagious!

Detach from the chaos outside of you which you can not control – write about the greatness which is you within you.

Even if you feel like a failure right now: think back – as a child you learned how to walk even if you failed a thousand times, in the end you learned to stand tall and walk through the world with the head held high!!!

Isn’t that a success story already?

You made it through birth. You learned to breathe by yourself.
All the energies out there did all they could to help you come to this planet.


So that you can spread pain and negative stories in your surroundings – or so that you can live a life worth living?!?

Are you ready and are you all in?

Start by sharing something positive on this post.

Share it with my friends and readers and with me – and maybe, just maybe you will have a smile on your face when you read your success stories out loud to yourself!

Make yourself the promise to spread love, not hate. Beauty, not ugliness. Success, not pain.


The past is gone. It’s today’s present that makes history!

La Ara

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