Manifest your dreams

It all starts with YOU!!!

Within your own lines, within your own little worlds, your family, your friends, emotions you carry out every day.

We are letting, what others say, get to us.

We compare ourselves to others instead of setting up our OWN standards!!!

We were quieted down:

Don’t speak your mind – don’t be so loud – be careful who you’re talking to…

Do you know why most of us are so sad, deep within our souls?

Because this is not how it’s meant to be…

When we came down to earth in this lifetime, we came to change the path of this planet…

As a matter of fact, we came down here to change the planets’ possible destiny of destruction… to turn away from the dark, into the light.

At least that’s why I am here…

Yet, still, there are only a few who rule this world and who don’t want us to realize the strength and power within us all!

They give us movies and newspapers, books and plays about what life is about and dictate us how to live our so-called life and what success is.

But this I can not call life, I call it slumber – not a state of being conscious and awake.


Because only very few are living their true dream. Most of us gave up before we even started…

The rules in this slumber are easy: you gotta be like everyone else (which again is made up, it’s what tv shows and magazines show us…) or you will have issues, trying to fit in to a world that is lived by sheep who follow a daily routine and interact only within their comfort zone…

Sheep are cute but they don’t have a life…

When we look at the world we live in right now, we can barely breathe, that’s how upsetting and overwhelming it all can be.

And what can we do?!? Poor little me, one is not enough, right?

OH but it is…

We are all in our own boat with the steering wheel in our hands. No one else can steer for us, it wouldn’t be the right journey.

Only we can control where our path is taking us.

Whether it is an adventure or an easy breeze, that’s up to the way you steer your boat.

Each and everyone can create a fantastic new, beautiful world.

The truth is:

It starts deep within you. Not at all out there ~ for as long as you look outside of you, you will have to depend on the ups and downs, emotional rollercoaster rides of other people.

Find the love, the joy, the beauty within you and when you are ready to reveal your own world, you can allow others to join you!

Become aware of who you are!!!

Don’t let fear control you… let love take over~ and you will shine a light that no one ever has seen before…

La Ara

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