How to get ready for your twin flame

You are unique,

one of a kind,


As a soul

you have decided

to step into this space

and time in order to shine.

Now shine your light into the world.

We twinflames

have a very special light

within ourselves that people

notice right away.

It doesn’t matter

if we are with

our partner or not.

The moment we meet our TwinFlame, this light is activated.

The glow has to do with our knowledge of our destiny, our purpose.

But this light can go dark if we get angry at our beloveds or give up on them.

I have seen people go aggro

because their twins hurt them.

Then they bad-mouth them in front of others, family and friends.

This will make your twin distance him/herself from you.

It isn’t pretty and it will definitely keep your twin far away from you.

So don’t do it, even if you think you have the right to do so.

Keep away from drama! It’s poisonous.

The truth is that only when we shine deep within, will the other feel so attracted to our light that everything else is unimportant.

So it is our duty to let this light shine!

It is important that we accept our fate:

We may need to walk our path alone for a while until our partner is ready to unite with us but our hearts and souls chose this path for us for a reason.

My man told me that even when we were not talking to each other, I was always with him.

I was the voice of his heart and wherever he went, he saw me there…

Whether you are male or female, just know that we met our twin flames for a reason.

They came to wake us up, to en-lighten us.

To help us see the world with different eyes, With Eyes of true love.

We need to realize that we are their Allies and that we came to hold this Sacred Space wide open for them

So they can find comfort in a world

So cold.

In order to be there for them

we have to do our own inner work (that goes for any relationship, not just twin flames).

We have to let go of everything that holds us back to truly become the queen/king we are supposed to be.

We have to make room.

No matter what, we need to love ourselves first, be our best friend and forgive ourselves and others for the past.

We have to make room in our lives for our twin flames.

We are here to heal the world with the twin flame love which is unconditional love.

The love that we will always carry within us, no matter what is going on outside of us.

The love that was awakened when our twin flames walked into our lives.

So that when the time has come and our twins are ready to follow us into the union, we are ready, too.

Truly empowered by the energy we have together.

La Ara

Published by La Ara

I have traveled all around the world and lived in Germany, Austria, the East Coast of the United Sates and the West Coast. After 4 exciting years in New York City where I sang and lived in a church, another great year in and 2 years of traveling from the East Coast to the West Coast in our Travel Trailer, my partner Tim and I have decided to stay in one place for a while, focusing on writing and inspiring people from all around the world. Our Home now is in California, the state we have always dreamed of. My posts mostly come from the inspiration I find within myself, from my journey through life and on the road with our trailer. What I don’t make to a blog gets turned into music. Tim and I are Singer-Songwriters with the Name: From the Aether. You can find our website here:

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