You are Not alone (Channeling)

We are here, regardless if you feel us or not.

You distract yourselves with so many thoughts and worries that you cant find the time to feel us.

But we are always here, in the world in-between, your guides, your mentors, your ascended masters.

It is our intention to wake you up, to cut off of your negative memories and help you create a new story.

We have always been here with you.

We laughed with you when you were happy –  we shared tears with you when you were sad.

If you felt alone, we were behind the astral layer of illusion, holding you.

We heard your prayers and cries at night, when you were in pain or asked for help.

We heard you all along.

It was you who were too mixed up in your distractions, in your dramas, who did not realize that we were the soft voice that told you that everything is okay.

It was our singing that made you fall asleep.
Our communication with you that made you fall asleep after a hard cry at night.

We are here and will always be here…

For you are the Brave Ones.

You are the ones who have come to this earth at this time and space, to create a new version of this planet.

And it is our intention to assist you from beyond the veil.

So call on us if you need help that lies beyond human reach, for this is the reason we here, half in this world and half in the other.

Your friends and guides from the

Universal Consciousness

(channeled by La Ara)

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