We are humans, not machines

Machines have no emotions.
They just work, work, work, day after day.
No sweat, no tears, no feelings.

That sounds great for factories and perfect for people who just want work to be done, but there is no uniqueness, no creativity, no life.

The world loses its colors with only machines in it.
We will live in world of black and white, emotionless and cold.

I am a very emotional person and sometimes I feel that I am too delicate,
but the truth is that there is nothing wrong with that!

My partner once told me that my tears allow me to see the world in a different way. They clear my sight and enhance my inner vision – and he is right.
After letting go of my emotions I see things with more clarity.

Emotions can get in the way of our every-day life when we allow them to control us, but they also allow us to be calm and creative after allowing them to pass through us.

After all:
We are Humans, not Machines…

We have a heart and a brain and we are able to create something new and beautiful every day of our lives.

Our creativity allows us to build something new.
To manifest our dreams.

Society wants to make us think that tears and emotions are a form of weakness but the truth is that they are actually a powerful tool.

We all know at least one movie about a shy woman who transforms her life at the end of the story. And how does she do it?

Sometimes she throws a pillow (I would only throw pillows because even when I get emotional I am still aware enough to not throw anything valuable that could break into pieces and cost me a fortune…) or screams or talks to friends about her problems while tears continuously roll down her cheeks… but then, all of a sudden, she realizes that she has to change something and that something within her has changed – and her whole life shifts as she grows stronger than she ever was before…

A woman who does not suppress her emotions is powerful – and so is a man.

But society has twisted our minds about emotions so much that we think it is shameful if we get emotional or react with tears to something beautiful or sad.

The truth is, we are beautiful beings with a beautiful heart and if we are reacting to the world with emotions

we have not numbed down enough yet to become soulless machines.

We still have an open heart and a brilliant mind and are able to think for ourselves and don’t let the world take the part away from us, that makes us human.

I am proud to feel and to have an open heart.

I am human, just like you.

La Ara

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