Why you should be your own guru

We want to have a hero, a guru, a teacher.
We don’t want to be one…


Because that would mean that the search is OVER.
That WE have a responsibility – no longer to be searching outside of us but to take the journey inward.

We can always TALK about a future idea of being or becoming someone. But are WE WILLING to change?!?

ARE YOU going to be the best version of yourself?

ARE YOU going to be HAPPY?


Or will you say to yourself: I will wait another week, another month, another year.
When you say something – is this something something that you live by yourself?
Or is it something you heard outside of you?

“Oh, that sounds nice, let’s repeat that.”

Are You going to step in front of your mirror and say: this is another day to breathe, to smile, to make ME HaPpY?

The time is NOW.
Not tomorrow, not yesterday or whenever else.

It’s NOW.

Make YOURSELF happy!!!

Don’t wait for others to do it!!!

We have all been there, I have lived passively many years – often played the minor role in my own life, focusing on others instead of myself…

And I often see myself slipping back – so I am writing this for everyone who reads it – and also for myself as a reminder.

You are the only one who can changer your life – make things happen!

You may have all the time in the world – but do you want to live the way you do in 5 years as well?
Or are there things you would like to change?
Like inner attitudes?
Some ‘bad’ habits?
The place you live in?

Trust that you read this for a reason.

My higher self talks to your higher self. Give yourself the promise to love yourself – now and forever.
That’s where the work begins.


Tell your best friend your story – what would that person tell you to do differently?
Or would your best friend say:

OMG I want to be like you! You are such a role model!!!

Now if you can become your own best friend AND your own guru, then you have achieved something that probably the other 99.9% have not.

Try it.

And remember to smile today, for you are meant to be happy!

La Ara

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