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He is my poem

I love to read from his lips while I look in his eyes and read between the lines.

We only met a few years ago but I look back and wonder what my life was like without knowing him.

We always knew each other.

I prepared for this many lifetimes ago.

Back then we were king and queen of other planets.

He is my reflection and the man who occupied my dreams since I was a young girl, dreaming of love.

Seeing him smile makes my heart smile and seeing him with tears makes me sad as well.

It’s in his eyes that I see a future that can completely shift my past.

He is my king, my true love and my best friend.

What more can you ask for than to have everything in one?

I feel calm and happy, knowing the work on myself has made it possible for us to be together.

I will always be grateful that he took me to a world unknown and showed me that life is not about material things but about the innocence of love.

La Ara

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