The Golden Dawn Begins

The Golden Dawn has now begun,
Humans shining bright and moving on

From Hate to Love To something more
A time like this has never been here before.

Change your perception and learn to fly
In deep deception you’ve lived a lie

You thought there’s nothing more than what the eyes can see
But there is all this magic that can set you free.

You are not meant to live a dull and boring life.
This world is so special and more than a place in which you merely survive.

Open your eyes and nothing is the same
You will be surprised when you step out of the game…

The game to think you‘ve seen it all…
Do you know the sound of a tree when it’s about to fall?

Dance with the wind, let it embrace your heart.
Remember there is no such thing as sin, let the idea go in order for a new start.

The truth is that we know nothing, what we are taught is wrong.
We are not taught to sing
a Peace and Freedom song.

Instead they teach us that war is good,
That it helps the economy and helps the plans of God.

We learn to interpret life as something it is not –
We repeat and repeat mistakes… and how to think for ourselves, we forgot.

When you are born you think of nothing more
Than happiness and you want to explore.

Life seems like a miraculous thing,
It lets you breathe and gives you wings.

But school breaks you down, makes you think you‘re nothing special-
And in this thought lies heaven and hell.

You are unique in every way,
So let go of your pain – and allow yourself to play.

See this life with eyes of an innocent child,
That’s what this time is about, to be with wonder and to stay wild!

Your heart is like an open book,
Don’t close it up, give it a new look.

The Golden Dawn begins.
Open up to the mystical, cause it will give you wings!
La Ara

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