You Are Special

If you know about your uniqueness, you don’t ever have to feel the need to compare yourself to others.

When it comes to love: There is one perfect match out there who feels and hears your calling.

When it comes to a job: there is one that only you can shine in.
No one could ever replace you.

Don’t jump into the pond of fear the world tries to teach you to have.
Don’t be afraid to shine!
Don’t let yourself down.

Trust your highest vision and go from there.

There is one spot in this life that only you can fill.

No need to make others miss you or feel you have to be irreplaceable.
No tricks, no games, no drama.

Nothing like this is necessary because only you have this special energy
that is needed in the world.

Trust in the reason for your existence.

Know your worth, stand your ground and allow yourself to relax!

Breathe deeply and know:

YOU ARE NEEDED IN THIS WORLD ~ and you are loved. 
La Ara

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