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To the Souls that are Different

My dearest friend, you came here to be a Wayshower, and if you read this, then this is for you!

There is only one desire within me, on how to make you feel… and that is to make you feel special.

Inspiring you to achieve your highest dreams, helping you to figure out what your life’s purpose is.

This is a desire within me that I was born with.

I was given the gift to see more in others than they can see in themselves.

I don’t live here to tap into fear or to pull others down, I am here to enchant, to inspire, to set your souls on fire – so that you can go further than you have ever dreamed of and help others to see who they truly are as well…

You came here to be different, not to fit in – but to stick out.
Stop doubting yourself and walk with confidence.

Where I once came from, before I incarnated on planet Gaia, I was in a world where people had values. There were no lies, no were deceptions.

People helped each other, we were team-players.
We did not betray each other – not in relationships or friendships – kids were taught through life lesson and experience… basics were taught and then they could choose what they wanted to know, learn for themselves and when they had questions they would learn from the people who were wiser and older than them.

Each of us was unique and that made our world whole.

Most of you are not from here but have incarnated many times.

Allow yourself to be different and trust that everything you see within your dreams – everything you can visualize, is able to come true for you!!!

Let love get the best of you – not fear.

There is more than enough here for everyone, don’t let greed or hate touch your heart!

You are here to change the world!

I love you!
La Ara
La Ara

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