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Shout out to Artists

Artists don’t lack inspiration
They draw from everything they see…
Just know that most comes from their imagination,
It is not to be taken personally.

The stories they hear, they internalize,
Transform and make it to their own
But the stories come from beyond the skies,
Beyond the Aether, not from them alone.

We are Mind blowers,
We came a long way.
And as Wayshowers
We are here today.

Seeing the wholeness of what once was there –
We live in a reality of insanity
And by reminding others that life is about care,
We set other souls free.

We have the chance every day,
To tune into sanity
We need to consciously choose what we say,
So we can help others on their journey.

It’s up to us not to sting,
To let go of past pain and of control,
Because every word we bring that heals suffering,
Can be the answer of ones’ soul.

La Ara dreamstars


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