How to let go of everything that isn’t YOU

The truth is:

We don’t just wake up one day and are our true selves… from the early age on, we are being formed by others:

Our friends, our families, our teachers, everyone tries to make us to something we are not.

This is why it takes a lot of work to finally let go of everything that you are not and be everything that you are…



You see, we are not the physical form, we are energetic beings, wearing a suit that makes us visible to the world – so we can interact with others and share what we know deep within!

It’s not about learning and adding more and more in – it’s about letting all that you have inside of you, out…

Let everything you ever learned about you go and open up to an infinite source of wisdom that is within you!

Yes, we have inner wisdom that NO ONE has ever taught us!


But if we always rely on books and people to tell us how to live our lives, we keep our inner knowledge hidden – and THAT would be a shame.

This is your purpose: to discover who you really are and embrace what you know, beyond anything anyone ever taught you!

Spiritual Awakening means to activate all that is within you, to come forth into the light – into the outside world… and fill the shadows of earth with your very own, unique light!

There are ways to consciously activate yourself:

If you want to be or attract something in your life, the easiest way is to record it with your own voice (everyone has a phone with a voice recorder nowadays) and listen to it A LOT.

Every day we are confronted with so many messages – subliminally and unconsciously. So why not replace that with consciously listening to binaural messages and frequencies?!?

E.g. speak this on a machine:

I am beautiful, I live in abundance and I share my light with the world!
I allow myself to wake up to my true self  more and more each day.


Now, if you do this a lot, you will see the change within you. By recording it with your own voice, your subconscious will take your affirmations as self-talk/as thoughts and you will start to believe it yourself!

Try it out for a few weeks (if you do this regularly for about 3 weeks, you will change your life and your thoughts and you will attract what you truly desire).

Take my word for it, it’s how I manifested a lot, including a home.

Another way to awaken to your own reality is to write into a journal.
Write in the present and write how you wake up and feel more like yourself. Everything you want to have and be can be here right now, in your very own imagination – and from there it’s just a baby step to manifest your awakening (or whatever else you desire).

You can listen to meditations as well.

Another very important way for you start being your true self is to surround yourself with people who let you be who you are.
Who don’t want to change your, rather see you as a source of wisdom they like to talk to.


If you are surrounded by people who appreciate you, who believe in you, who know you (spiritually), know your talents, your qualities – and where you don’t have to stop speaking about things that the average person wouldn’t want to talk about (angels, healing, spirituality, witches, shamanism, life after death, near death experiences, ghosts, channelings – and so much more) you are a very lucky person. Don’t let those people go!

If you don’t have many people like that, start to be a part of groups that talk about these things, find new friends, maybe go to a meetup in your town that has topics that are rather unusual but exactly what you like 😉 You can find many of these groups on Facebook and other social media, if you rather stay a little more anonymous.

No one says you have to be true to the same people all of your life.
So go out there and find some like-minded people who encourage you to be your highest self.

If you want to transform into the real you and you have a few (successful) people who are your role models, read about their lives.
You will see that most of them also had to work hard to become the successful people they are.

A lot of people had to believe in themselves while the whole world laughed at them and said they would never succeed.

Yet, there they were, knowing that they had a purpose: a purpose to be different, to be successful, to be amazing – just like you who are reading this!

You have so much wisdom within you, stop listening to the outside world and start listening to your heart!

You will see that once you have started to feel the magical essence of who you are, your life will change forever!

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