Love will come to you!

Don’t ever give up dreaming of a divine partnership, a Twin Flame Union, a deep – spiritual – connection, a man who can be the king to a queens heart – I can assure you, if you truly believe you deserve it, are patient and don’t give up, it will happen to you.

tim and helen1

Then you will meet the wo/man who reads/sings to/with you, touches you with words and actions beyond anything you’ve ever imagined.
Someone who is your perfect match in every way.

Don’t let the world tell you, you don’t deserve a life filled with love and adventure… because you do!!!

Just remember:


The universe needs to make sure that you are really ready…

…because once your Divine Partner is here, s/he will touch you in a way you can’t even imagine in your wildest dreams.

I know what I´m talking about because it happened to me!

us(I will share more of our stories in another blog)


Allow the Divine to work for you and in the meantime, work on yourself so that you are ready for what is going to be the biggest, most beautiful journey of your life…

When you two are united, paths will open for the both of you and you can create heaven on earth together.

La Ara

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