Shine Your Light

What’s the use of going out into the world – if you feel empty and unhappy?

If you have heard of the Law of Attraction – which always sets in motion,
whether you believe in it or not – you will realize that
the more you speak about negative experiences
the more negative experiences you will pull into your life.

Be aware of that…

We don’t learn this in school.

No one tells you that what you put out there will come back to you…

lady in beach silhouette during daytime photography

You, right there, who felt drawn to this blog for a reason: 
you are a Beautiful, Unique and an Infinite Being.

How does it feel to read these words?
Does it make you feel good?

We are not told enough how amazing we are.
Well, this ends right here, right now.

The reason I started to write my blog is because I want to empower you to love yourself,
to feel happiness within your heart so you can carry it out into the world!


There are too many people out there that feel
negatively impacted by their environment
and discouraged.

I want you to know that you are loved and that there is a place on this planet that
only YOU can fill with your amazing light.

silhouette of man standing on rock under starry night

Now that you know that, there is no excuse anymore…

Focus on yourself, fire yourself up and shine your light into this world!

If you need help with that, you can find more posts on this page
that will help you to find the tools that will help you to focus on self-love.

Somehow we have been trained to only “hear” negative things,
absorb negative experiences and instead of taking a step back,
letting them go and transforming them into a positive experience,

we continuously tell the negative story and let it in deeper into our subconsciousness.

Why can’t we accept that we are beautiful and imperfectly perfect beings
and that darkness is here so we can shine brighter?

Babies are perfect. No, they don’t walk, talk, run around right away and they are not born
with the academic intelligence a lot of us strive for as we grow up – but do we care?

adorable baby beautiful child

They are unconditionally loved.

They bring such beauty and wisdom with them when they are born –
and when we look into their eyes – we feel that they know EVERYTHING.

Then WE as “grownups” start to destroy the perfection of the children
by trying to make them to a smaller form of us and starting to tell them that they have sooo much to learn.

That they are not perfect. That they have flaws and that they will never be enough.

We start arguing, screaming, giving the children the feeling that they know nothing
and that they will only be loved if they listen to us.

All of us have gone through this with our parents, family and friends.

Now it’s time to unlearn what we learned –
Life is a Gift and we need to recognize this by focusing on the beautiful life we are offered –
and focus less on all the “bad” that we have absorbed into our energy fields

The good thing about being a grownup is that we can unlearn the things we learned consciously
and start to see the beauty within ourselves again,
we can see the light in ourselves and help others to see the light withing themselves as well.

That is why my blog is here.
I want to inspire you to be an inspiration – to yourself and others.

It’s time to let go of the voices of others and to listen to the only one that counts –
your own voice, the voice of love, the voice of your heart.

Go out there and shine, beautiful one! Allow yourself to sparkle!!!

No one can ever be compared to you!!!

La Ara

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