It doesn’t matter if someone does or doesn’t love you back. The feelings you have for this person, are the feelings you treasure inside yourself. If you feel joy and love if you see him, those are feelings only you can/will feel – and no one can take the goosebumps and little butterflies away from you. No one, not even the other person himself.

If he doesn’t feel the same, well – it’s his loss – he will not get to know and share the love with you the way it could be possible – but YOU get to feel the feelings anyway.
YOU are the one, feeling joy and seeing beauty through the eyes of a lover. You will see everything with other eyes, maybe the eyes of a child… look into the world with empowering thoughts. See every color brighter than ever before… 

don’t ever give up that feeling, just because the outside world may demonstrate something else to you. No two people feel alike, feel the same way, right away.
How could you expect the other person to? The other person only has the chance to project his feelings and memories of other experiences on you.
He may think you are funny, pretty, sexy, but will he ever see the real you?
He may, one day, if you are able to make room for miracles, open up to him and let him see you, without fear.

There may always be one person who feels more than the other…
The other question is: are YOU ready for a relationship?
If not, how can the other person be?

So… BE egoistic – LOVE the person anyway. Don’t deny your feelings – show the world the beauty of being love – and the best way to practise to BE LOVE is by feeling love for the person anyway.

I am honored and happy to love, to know so many beautiful people out there – but especially one man who has touched my heart many, many times.
I am greateful for everything I’ve learned through my feelings and emotions. Everything that happened has changed me in every way – into the person I am here and now…
I am blessed. I am whole, I don’t worry about the other person, I just care about how I feel inside – and I bring this out to the world – in my words, my songs, my actions.

Most importantly though: I love myself.
I wouldn’t change myself for the world. My flaws are my flaws and I am aware of them, but they are okay here, with me, because every beautiful diamond has its cracks – I have this beautiful Mala and it has thousands of little cracks – but that’s what makes it so special. Even if I closed my eyes and went touched the little beads of the mala – I would recognize if it wasn’t mine BECAUSE of it’s little “imperfections”.
That’s what makes us all to beautiful crystals. Our imperfections and our acceptance of them.

I would marry myself and I would say yes to myself again and again, every moment in time because I know how special I am – to myself.

Life is beautiful – love is beautiful.
May you all feel love for one another, but also for yourselves. No one wants you to suffer so that other can be happier. If you are happy you will help earth and make it shine again…

Namaste everyone

Helen Davies