How the Ego works

I love my brain, I love my head and ego. It’s like an inner stage director… All the time it tries so hard to plan every single step. As soon as something doesn’t work out, it screams and becomes this choleric person  I identify myself with this “Ego” and become it myself. Maybe not directly to the people around me, BUT to myself. My Ego Screams at me if something doesn’t happen the way it was planned *grinn*

I remember that I once had a stage director who was just exactly like that – and taking the law of attraction (or the mirror) he was mirroring my inner voices just at this moment…

The wonderful thing about it? Once I consciously reflect on it and “know” it, I can remember that I am NOT my ego. I am higher consciousness, and anything that triggers me, can be put aside. I can breath, I can be calm and laugh about it.
In the end – it doesn’t MATTER 

I embrace my inner stage director and tell him/her that it’s okay. That things never really turn out the way that he/she has planned it and that it’s up to the both of us to open up and let us be guided by higher powers.

Once you learn to trust yourself this way, everything will happen by itself. I know… I feel it – it happens to me right now.

This way I can be relaxed towards any person and situation in my life and trust the flow of the river/energy that’s taking me to wherever I am supposed to be…

I love this way of looking at my ego and now I realize, my inner stage director has tried to steer me in so many ways – has colored it in the greatest pictures and I put myself under so much pressure to fulfill the inner stage directors dream… but there are so many other paths I could not imagine when I was 17 (like realizing, that studying psychology isn’t for me; falling into a deep depression, going back to my family but in the “beginning” (not the ending) I am still living my dream by being in New York – only a few years later than my inner stage director had actually planned…) all that has happened – happened for a reason. 

I wouldn’t be who I am now, if my inner stage director would have always been getting his/her will…

Now my ego has started to reduce its voice and follow the flow. Follow flow, ha, it runs in the same family of words  I love it!